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We are inspired by challenging questions, we dare to intrude, break and reshape, thereby redefine our work altogether. Our culture is like a living organism, re-inventing itself with each passing day. We practiceNext; because future is awesome.


Creative Strategy

An International Business graduate from Amity, an avid photographer and geek. As an Creative Strategist, he ideates content strategy for our partner brands on multiple channels.


Social Media

An MBA from SIMC-B, when she's not dancing, eating or shopping, she manages social media and ideates the best campaign strategy for our partners brands.


Copy Writing

A writer with an unused architect's degree, Aniruddha spends his time between hating pigeons and trying to find new ways to take over the world. When he's not dreaming of sipping the perfect summer cocktail, he writes stories and memories.



Always thinking, always learning, always curious. Akash, when not thinking of his next crazy idea, channels his zeal for marketing to help clients make a mark in digital.


Design Thinking

An design thinker by heart, Vedshree brings her mix of zeal with a systemic approach to processes to PracticeNext, heading the innovation strategy for the company and it’s clients!


Marketing Technologist

Leaving behind her life as a chemical engineer, Marketing Analyst Ela moved to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams. When she's not analysing data using her cache of super tools, this wonder woman prefers unwinding as she binge-watches shows over beer.


Communication Design

A native Mexican, Gabriela knew that she wanted to be a designer since the age of 12. Having lived in India since 2011, this wallflower perceives people as colours and loves being emotive. Gabriela also loves to cook in her free time.


UI Design

Thrilled by the world of photography and travel, Saurabh knew that he wanted to work with the aesthetics of things since he was 16. Inspired by Lennon’s Imagine, our resident UI Designer wants to work towards changing the world.


Communication Design

Behind the lens, or behind the screen, joe keeps his eye for design as sharp as his wit !


Communication Design

His creativity can't be justified with one art form, so he tries them all! from sketching, to writing, designing and photography, Archan is the ever curious, ever-experimental artist at heart!


Product Manager

The principal coder at PracticeNext, Sanket believes that there are only 10 types of people, the ones who understand binary, and the ones who don’t. His worries include figuring out why his code works fine on his machine only.


Web Developer

Having always been fascinated with computers, Aavi’s decision to get into web development was as simple as her love for reading. When she’s not figuring out how computers work in her spare time, the left-brained whiz loves to try out new things.


Web Developer

The incorrigible coder, literally breathes, eats and sleeps on his codes. Just bug him by identifying a bug and he's awake troubleshooting again. This soon-to-be IITB graduate's 'I can do anything' attitude is contagiously inspiring.


Senior Web Developer

The only code he lives by is the one he writes. When he's not debugging, he's usually destressing with a trek or catching up on his favourite genres of movies or the latest tech!


Mobile Evangelist

An IIT B graduate, mobile evangelist, audiophile and avid gamer, having developed 4 games himself with a few million downloads, Rohit oversees the Mobile strategy.


Director & CEO

While he’s not finding new ways to make Friday nights more fun, Tarun leads creative strategy and execution. With an MSc from DU, he’s renowned for making sure that teamNext continues to raise the bar on creativity



An artist, passionate about technology and its potential to change the world. A Lee Strasberg graduate from Los Angeles, Harman brings the perfect synergy of creativity and technology as a director at PracticeNext



Utilising his experience in movie making and marketing, Paramjeet is Director of Production at PracticeNext. An MCA from IMT Ghaziabad, he ideates innovative stories and partner development.

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